Shibuya 109 2017 Fukubukuro Adventure at Liz Lisa and Swankiss

Hello darlings! I just wanted to share my very first experience getting fukubukuro in Japan at Shibuya109.

It was so intense!

I arrived at Shibuya 109 at 6:30 am on January 2nd, thinking I was quite early, only to find 260 other people already queued up at the basement!
I took out my My Melody and Little Twin Stars mats, sat down in line, took out my Kindle and read Harry Potter while waiting, just like I always do.

At 8 am staff members led us all into the building in a very orderly fashion according to our numbered cards and each person went to different stores upon entering the building. Every store in 109 had their staff standing at the entrances screaming at the top of their lungs, at the same time, in extremely high-pitch voices, yelling about the sales they had and inviting customers in. I had a headache after 5 min of being in 109.

I of course went directly to Liz Lisa! I knew I was going to get the My Melody fuku from Liz Lisa but in the heat of the moment I also grabbed the smaller Liz Lisa fuku. 

Then I stupidly walked by Swankiss knowing that I always give into temptation and the adorable shop staff Hiakpu talked me into buying their fuku as well haha.

In total I got three fukubukuro.


Swankiss Fukubukuro 2017 Angel Bag

The bag itself is so adorable!

 I love the pink knit sweater with the pink ribbons.....  . .  ......,,,lokjdslfjsdf      .. . dfkdj

There's a black dress with a heart on front and its stretchy enough to fit the girls inside. Also included is a pink satin tank top with long sleeved lace; definitely something you'd see in LARME magazine. 

Last is a long pink trench coat with heart pockets that have a white ribbon laced through them, so cute 

Note: this fuku also included a pair of long floral pants that I really wasn't too fond of, so after purchasing this at Shibuya 109 I stood outside with tons of other girls hoping to sell items they didn't wanted, and I managed to sell it. I honestly didn't plan on getting this but I'm very glad I did!

Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2017 Tote Bag

This was not my favorite fukubukuro but I do think I'll use the bag quite often.

Camel colored deep v-neck coat. The fit of it on me isn't the most flattering but alas.

 Cute floral dress, however, the fit of the dress would compliment a girl with a smaller bust because my poor babies were squished in this dress....

A plain white tank top and a white knit sweater with camel colored ribbons on front. The tank top again would suit a small chested girl because the tiny cup spaces for the boobs are....too tiny for me. The sweater is a little too plain in my opinion but maybe I can wear it as a (very short lol) dress. Kind of wish it exposed the shoulders. Honestly I can't complain too much about fukubukuro because it's a gamble with what you get inside, but I'm just sharing my thoughts on the items. 

Liz Lisa My Melody 2017 Fukubukuro

This is the one I wanted the most! The My Melody suitcase is plastic and super duper cute! 

The same adorable print of the suitcase is also on the jumper skirt. The long sleeved top in the fuku has a Sailor collar and is light yellow in color with a removable white ribbon. I don't really do top and bottom combo outfits but it is very cute.

 The dress has the same darling print. Its stretchy, has a zipper on the left side, and is the same fit is the winter 2016 My Melody 10th collab dresses previously released but without sashes in the back to tie a ribbon with. After seeing Mikipon wear this dress in the fuku advertisements I just KNEW I had to have it too!

The cardigan and tank top included are plain white. 
Same opinion on the tank top as above because it's the same tank top. 
The cardigan is great because I had been wanting a plain white Liz Lisa cardigan for the dresses that I own with really loud prints, to balance out coords. 
There is also a My Melody charm in the shape of her face. I have so many mymelo charms now it's turning into quite the collection! 


Lastly there was a coat in a light camel color with a big bow in the back. I absolutely love it!!! The shape is very dolly and it completes a lot of the coords I already wear on a daily basis. I was very happy about this item.

So so so happy with the mymelo fuku <333333

Snapchat: ebunnybee <3 

Standing outside 109 with tons of other Japanese girls, opening our fuku, trying to sell items we didn't want; it was so awkward! It can be weird approaching people randomly and asking if they want to buy your item.

But I got so lucky!

A girl boldly approached me as I held the Swankiss floral pants I didn't want and practically begged me for them. She really wanted them! She already knew how much the fuku cost so we agreed on a feasible price and she handed over the cash right away. It was almost too easy and I feel spoiled haha.

Before leaving 109 I was able to talk to and take a picture with Himena Ousaki, who was working at MA*RS that day. She's such a gyaru icon <3 This was my second time meeting her and she was very sweet and nice.

All in all, my first fukubukuro experience was really fun and I'm glad I can scratch that off my bucket list.

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